What is EPC-6 for Remote Created Checks?

EPC-6 Standard for RCCs

  • External Processing  Code [EPC]
  • Remote  Created  Checks  [RCC]

    All RCC items should have the MICR “6” symbol in code line #44 as shown in this sample.

EPC-6 is a standard adopted to denote the difference between an original check created by the account holder and signed with an original signature, and a Remote Created Check [RCC] that has NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

If you use CheckWriter™, the EPC-6 code can be turned on and off with a toggle on the main screen, or can be set to default ON or default OFF, depending on your bank’s requirements.

Legacy Edition on CD or Flash
No Longer Legal to Use, the CheckWriter™ Legacy Editions 1.1 to 7.9 are
No longer supported.
Upgrade to comply with:
- EPC-6 Federal Reserve Regulation
- PCI / DSS Standards
- US Data Security Laws