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These are the most Frequently Asked Pre-Purchase Questions.

1. Overview

CheckWriter Software™ is a PCI compliant, stand alone virtual terminal, hosted on a secure cloud server, rather than your own PC like CheckWriter™ Legacy Editions. It works on any PC, Mac or Tablet with any web browser.


CheckWriter™ allows any business or personal ‘dba’ to take checks by phone, fax, or online from customers, and then create a physical draft of the payment for immediate deposit at full face value, with no fees.


CheckWriter™ works with any deposit method, including Remote Deposit Capture, Desktop Deposit, Direct Scan ATMs, Smart Phone Deposit, Lockbox Service, and most Check21 compliant deposit  solutions, as well as working with the old fashioned deposits if you want to bring them to the teller, use the night drop, or drive through window.


Deposits should credit to your ledger balance the same day, at full face value, without fees.


You control CheckWriter™ You never give your customer’s payment details or your own funds to a third party. There is no settlement period.


CheckWriter™ draft deposits are treated just like regular checks that you receive in the mail, or over the counter.

2. Printing

Use any laser (or ink-jet) printer and a piece of Federal Reserve Regulation ‘CC’ Blank Check Stock – top check or 3 on a page.
(Also works with CheckWriter Legacy™ blank check stock.)


Just put the standard size 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper into your paper tray; queue the check, or batch of checks you want to draft; and click print.


Cloud Drafts will be perfectly aligned to any printer you use, and can be deposited in to any U.S. bank immediately.

3. Acceptance and Guarantee

If printed properly, CheckWriter™ drafts can be deposited into any ANY bank in the USA, the same day, guaranteed.


Use virtually any deposit option that banks offer to get credit to your ledger balance the same day. Drafts will be treated just like a check, so you will receive full face value credit, with no fees or discount rates.

4. Program Features

CheckWriter CloudSingle User:

– Works on PC with Windows: 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 & 10
– Works on Mac or Tablet
– Uses IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome
– Password protected – Use anywhere with roaming profiles
– PCI / DSS Compliant
– Saves all customer and transaction records
– Easy recurring billing feature
– Allows for customizable fields
– Has notes section
– Generates printable invoices
– Works on TOP CHECK or 3-per-page
– Prints checks and drafts
– Prints reports you can customize
– Export any group, search or fields in .csv
– Imports from any shopping cart, order form or txt / csv system
– Batch printing
– Use on any PC, Mac or Tablet with Internet Access
– Automatic routing number validation
– Plus live RTN lookup with RoutingTool


– Customize permissions for each login
– Administrator can lock in or lock out sub-user functions
– Complete activity logs available for administrators
– Prints drafts with dollar amounts in Millions and Billions
– Use on any PC, Mac or Tablet with Internet Access
– Add unlimited users for $2 per month each

5. Pricing

NO Transaction Fees
NO Discount Rates
As low as $8 per month Flat Rate



$29.99/mo                $19.99/mo.                   $8 / mo.



$29.99/mo                 $19.99/mo.                 $8 / mo.

6. Free Demo

Test drive CheckWriter™ today. Try the free demo which will do just about everything except print a draft that you can deposit.


Order Risk Free – and get a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.


If you are not delighted with CheckWriter™, just let us know within 30-days, and we will cheerfully refund your purchase in full, including shipping, and you can keep the unused portion of blank check stock.    That is how confident we are that you will love and keep CheckWriter™.

8. Ordering

UPGRADE YOUR Old Legacy CheckWriter™

Existing CheckWriter™ customers with prior purchase history, can order the upgrade and start using it after valid payment is processed and identity is verified. A setup email will go to the email address provided in the order.



1. After you place your order for CheckWriter­™ Cloud we will validate your billing address.

Then, we ship your initial 50 blank checks to your physical address, and any other products you add to your order.

Shipping takes about 2-3 days unless you select overnight shipping.

Once you receive your package, and return your KYC form, you can start using your CheckWriter Cloud™ right away.

 Choose EXPRESS ACCOUNT SETUP, with your order, then return your KYC form completed by 2 p.m, eastern time, and you can start using your CheckWriter Cloud™ the same business day

8. Will I be Approved?

Any U.S. corporation or sole proprietorship can get approved.


CheckWrtier™ does not have a prohibited industries list, and we don’t base our decisions on your business or personal credit.


We follow KYC procedures, and do basic AML screening for new users.


This ensures our users are legitimate U.S. businesses, with a U.S. responsible party that we can verify.  We do not run a consumer credit report and our verification will no show on your record or your personal credit.  We will check government watch lists, and the terminated merchant file [TMF], as well as reports from Dunn and Bradstreet.


The KYC Form is a 1-page form that gathers information to prove you are legitimate business in the USA.


New customers will complete a simple KYC and AML screening before a new CheckWriter™ account is created.


KYC [Know Your Customer] regulations require that providers of products like CheckWriter Cloud™ to “Know Our Customers”.  AML [Anti-Money Laundering] regulations require us to follow certain Anti-Money Laundering screening procedures to ensure the safety of the network as a whole.

9. Money Back Guarantee Overview

CheckWriter Cloud™ customers enjoy a liberal return policy, and 30-day money back guarantee on full version, multi-user version and upgrades, except for express account setup.  For full terms and condition on the refund policy, see policy here.

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