How does desktop deposit work?

Desktop Deposit
Remote Deposit Capture [RDC]

Remote Deposit Capture works using a check scanner that plugs into a computer’s USB port.

It hooks up to online banking, so you can scan in a customer’s check and watch it credit directly to the bank account’s ledger balance online, just like the check was deposited into the ATM or directly at the bank.

Desktop Deposit and RDC work with CheckWriter™.  The scanner detects the EPC-6 code, and applies this standard to the deposit.  RCC items will be treated just like an original item.

Check scanners are usually provided by your bank, but some banks have you use a standard scanner or standard camera to photograph the check and upload it to online banking.

This is similar, but not the same as smart phone deposit.

Legacy Edition on CD or Flash
No Longer Legal to Use, the CheckWriter™ Legacy Editions 1.1 to 7.9 are
No longer supported.
Upgrade to comply with:
- EPC-6 Federal Reserve Regulation
- PCI / DSS Standards
- US Data Security Laws