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        Full Service

        +Add “FULL SERVICE” to your upgrade for $49-
        And we will take care of everything for you!
          We will: – Connect to your system and import your old data if you have any.  – Train you or staff members on how to use the upgrade.  – And-We will provide any additional support required.
        +Add “EXPRESS ACCOUNT SETUP” $39-
        And we’ll have your upgrade ready today*
        Express Account Setup: – Setup the same business day if ordered by 2PM eastern  – Setup the next business day if ordered after 2PM


        *Inflation Protection Guarantee:
        All prices guaranteed not to increase for one year. 
        Accounts billed with a Massachusetts billing address will be charged SAAS sales tax 6.25%.

        Once you order CheckWriter Cloud we will send you 50 blank checks. Upon receipt, you can use CheckWriter Cloud™ immediately.
        New customers are required to complete a 1-page Know Your Customer [KYC] form, and must verify the credit card and have a valid photo ID.

        What is FULL SERVICE?
        “FULL SERVICE” is an on-boarding option you can add to the upgrade where we do EVERYTHING for you.
        Select this option for $49, and when you virtual terminal is set up, we will log in to your current PC and back up and import your old data for you if you are upgrading or switching from another platform. We will also set up your default payee, ensure you have a secure password, help you utilize the user fields, and walk you around the software if you desire.

        Need express account set up? 
        Just verify your identity by fax, and we can set you up the same day in most cases.*