CheckWriter™ Cloud / Cloud Check Stock Refund Policy:

CheckWriter™ Cloud comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you purchase CheckWriter™ Cloud Single User Version, Multi-User Version or Upgrade and you are not delighted, you can fill out the cancellation form at and request a full refund for your set up fee and first month’s fee. Express account setup orders are non-refundable, as are Temporary Accounts*.  After your second monthly fee is processed, regardless of the result, your set up fee and monthly fees become non-refundable.

There is no required term, and no term contract with CheckWriter™ Cloud unless selected, but cancellation is required to stop monthly billing. Monthly fees, declined card charges, late fees and returned item fees will apply to accounts that are not cancelled, and such fees are non-refundable. Orders for Cloud Check Stock are shipped as non-refundable but have a “Satisfaction Guarantee.”

If a term or contract price is selected, such as an annual billing plan, a cancellation penalty may apply and is usually a cancellation fee equal to two (2) billing cycles.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Check Stock Purchase due to damage or defect we will ship a replacement at no charge. Please see cancellation policy at the CheckWriter Cloud website for how to cancel your account.

* Temporary accounts, or accounts used by customers as a stop gap solution, are defined as CheckWriter™ Cloud accounts that are opened and used solely for the ability to process payments immediately, while waiting for replacement media, technical resolutions, or other short-term applications, with the intent to cancel upon resolution.  These accounts are not eligible for the money back guarantee.

Additional Terms of service applicable only to CheckWriter™ Cloud

The CheckWriter Cloud™ system is intended for use in the United States. All users of the system must pay a monthly fee. This fee is billed to the credit card listed in the FILE > Options menu when you log in to CheckWriter Cloud™ with your administrative profile.

Your sign up date will be your billing date every month. When your fee is billed, the address in your FILE > Options menu must match
the address listed in your card issuer’s AVS file. Payments will be approved if the AVS response is “X”, “Y” or “Z”.  All other response
messages will result in the transaction being declined. Authorizations subject to terms in the refund policy.

Declined monthly fees will automatically suspend the CheckWriter Cloud™ account until valid payment has been provided with valid
AVS through the FILE > BILLING menu accessible from the CheckWriter Cloud™ main screen.

Declined cards are assessed a $5 fee per decline. Multiple declines will assess multiple $5 fees.  Please contact customer service if
you have questions about AVS declines – fees are not reversible once assessed.

Accounts with past due balances are assessed a $10 fee. Accounts with balances more than one billing cycle overdue will assess monthly
fees regardless of account status.  Re-Activation fee for suspended accounts is $10.